The MAC was founded early in 1931 when a group of Joliet men from the Moran Street area bowled regularly at the Rivals Club. Their camaraderie and numbers grew and it was no longer practical to meet in the various homes of the 20 man group. They decided to rent a cottage at 1012 Highland Avenue just off Moran Street. On March 17,1931 the doors of the first Moran Club opened and a state charter was


In the Spring of 1933 the membership had already grown enough that a larger facility was necessary. A two-unit apartment building at 1101 Nicholson street was leased and remodeled to accommodate the needs of the club.


In 1947, with the vision and guidance of the building committee consisting of Val Galle, William Speckman, James Creighton, Edward Rozich, Robert Fox, Marko Kozoman and Frank Sonnenberg, six lots were purchased at 1203- 1213 Nicholson Street to build what is now the Moran Athletic Club.


Ground was broken on Sunday April 3, 1949. The one story ranch style brick structure with full basement rests on the center two lots with ample parking on either side. Through viligant maintenance along with improvements as necessary, the building is in excellent condition despite virtually constant use for 56 years.



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